The monument, erected in 1994, is placed in Fossvogur churchyard, Reykjavik, Iceland.
The image on the monument was developed from a tiny piece of silver foil, a fraction, found during an excavation in Skálholt in 1956.
The idea is based on the relation between form and content as well as the relation between time past the time to come /the past and the future.
The relation, the connection of the two, is brought about in the re-creation, the making-new (of the old fraction).
The text on the monument is from the Psalms 139:16: Thine eyes did see me substance, yet being unperfect …
Material: The monument it self is made of colored concrete. The inserted forms are made out of burned clay and an angelic head from cast glass.
Text: B.Ó. Translation: Geir Svansson.

S169 Silver foil, a piece, 2 cm across, at the most.
Gilded front. One side of an angelic head rests on the foil and a part of a wing, a beautifully crafted work. Most likely from a church relic.
Found in the north-western part of the church’s choir, in the upper excavated area.
The image and the text is from the book Skálholt, p. X, by Kristján Eldjárn et al. 1988.
(The book discussed archeological finds in Skálholf (1952-58).
Translation: G.S.